This Old Saab Motorhome Looks Like A Kitty Loaf

If there's an RV more deserving of hugs than this Saab 92H, I haven't met it. This adorable two-stroke Swedish meatball was built in 1963 by Torsten Johansson using the mechanicals of a Saab 92. The Saab 92, you may recall, made all of 28 HP from its two-stroke twin. That's meager for a car, glacial for a rolling house.


But slow is fine for the 92H, with its lack of wheel openings and overall look like a really, really comfy kitty. Once the engine died on the 92H, presumably from exhaustion, the camper was converted to a static hunting lodge, a conversion which must have required these steps:

1. Park Saab 92H.

2. Call it a hunting lodge.

3. Have a nap.

Johansson later made a similar RV, this time using the running gear of a Saab 95, which, after he upgraded it to a monstrous V4, which made a face-melting 55 HP.

Saab was briefly interested in the vehicles, but never really pursued them in a serious way. The original one was found and eventually restored by some dedicated enthusiasts, and the result is one absolutely charming camper van.


You can see a video of the original and it's restoration below. The successor was also found and restored, and the pair of them are just fantastic.

The full restoration site can be seen here, and it's full of good stuff. Enjoy!

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