Let's journey back to a time before Land Rovers were offered with front-wheel-drive and had special editions named after the wives of rich professional soccer players. A time when they were rugged beasts, not far removed from military vehicles, capable of taking you where no other truck could go. A time when Land Rover was your go-to when you needed to slaughter endangered animals for sport, not when you want make the other parents jealous when you pick up your kids from orchestra practice.

This ad takes us back to that time. It's from the early 1970s and apparently New Zealand, where I'm sure they got a ton of mileage out of these old things.


My favorite part is how deadly serious the ad is. Listen to that music — it sounds like the national anthem from a former Soviet country with the words taken out. Even the announcer will tell you it's good for climbing hills, tearing through the bush, and powering through tall water without losing traction or even rusting.

Land Rover has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. And it is not here to fuck around.

What's your favorite old-school Land Rover?

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