This Nissan GT-R Ran A Quarter Mile In Six Damn Seconds

Count to six. That’s how long it takes for AMS Performance’s monstrosity of a Nissan GT-R to run the quarter mile. That’s not just quick, it’s terrifying.

Here’s are some videos of the car, dubbed Alpha G, running the quarter in 6.937 seconds at 196.27 mph at the TX2K17 event in Houston last week. Yes, it’s almost seven seconds, but it’s in the six-second range, and I’d like to see you do better.

What the hell is Alpha G? It’s a GT-R modded to hell and back with two massive turbos built into the bumper itself for some forced-ass induction and a claimed output north of 2,500 horsepower.


As Carscoops notes, the shop now claims the world’s fastest street-legal (although good luck explaining that to a traffic cop) GT-Rs with nine, eight, seven and now six-second quarter-mile runs.

AMS Performance says they have 1,000 horsepower still to go. Maybe they can get it down to five?

Photo credit AMS Performance
Photo credit AMS Performance

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farscythe - makin da cawfee!

pah... thats nothing... i walked 7 miles in a quarter mile once.... took me over 2 hours to get home from the pub down the street