This New York City Parking Spot Cheat Was So Brazen It Made The News

This scheme to cheat a driver out of parking spot was so audacious it made The Telegraph. Finding parking in New York City is for real.


The Telegraph tells the story of Brooklyn native Aleksandr Rogozin trying to get a spot near where he works in downtown Brooklyn. He waits a half hour for a green Mazda minivan to leave.

But as the Mazda gets ready, a Nissan crossover pulls up, blocks Rogozin, then takes the Mazda’s spot. Cars are blocked, cars reverse into traffic, cars drive on sidewalks in this orchestrated parking exchange.

The cheaters explain to Rogozin that the spot was saved for a “family member.” Sounds fine to me. I consider anyone who would hold a parking spot for me family. I would die for them. Finding parking in the city is such bullshit.

(Hat tip to Afroduck!)

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I used to own a Jetstar1

I live in NYC and park every day. This exact thing happened to me.

What I do not understand is why after doing this anyone would walk away from their car next to someone you just purposely infuriated. Not good karma for the safety of your car. I never damaged anyones car, but it is something I increasingly consider.