This Mysterious Big-Rig Pickup Is Made of Jeep and Mitsubishi Parts and It's Downright Scary

Image used with permission
Image used with permission

Here at Jalopnik, we regularly see lots of wacky vehicles, but none of them prepared my soul for this. This image contains what appears to be a big rig frame with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited cab and a Mitsubishi Mighty Max box. It’s truly bizarre, and I don’t think I understand what’s going on.


I’ll admit that I’m not 100 percent sure there’s an over-the-road truck under all of that strange sheetmetal, but looking at the axles, the (Peterbilt?) grille up front, the steering pitman arm setup just behind the grille on the driver’s side, and the angle of the tail end of the frame, I think there’s a good chance that the frame comes from a chopped long-hauler.

I reached out to a diesel technician and truck driver Keanu Black, and told me he thinks it could be a small Peterbilt 335 under there.

Image used with permission
Image used with permission

I first saw these pictures after a guy named Xristos posted them to the car enthusiast Facebook group Oppositetalk, though he says it was his friend who actually snapped the shots. Unfortunately, he says his buddy has no idea what this contraption is, and I think that’s fair enough, because this thing is out there.

What’s most obvious is that the cab clearly comes off of a Jeep Wrangler (based on the shape of the headrests, the size of the rear side windows, and the Deep Cherry Red Crystal paint, I’d guess it’s a 2011-2013 model), the box came off of a late 1980s/early 1990s Mitsubishi Mighty Max (or possibly a Mitsubishi-based Dodge Ram 50), the grille probably came off of some sort of Peterbilt truck, and I frankly don’t have the least clue where the hood and fenders came from. I bet they’re custom. I bet a lot of this truck is custom.

With the two menacing headlights flanking the giant grille up front, the aggressive-looking vents in the front “fender,” and just the sheer enormity of the machine, the truck looks like something straight out of Mad Max, and it’s downright scary.

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