This Must Be the Rustiest Toyota AE86 in the World

That’s a car. Or at least half of one.
That’s a car. Or at least half of one.

The last car I owned was so rusty that a dinner-plate sized chunk of the floor once started flapping in the breeze while I was driving down the highway. I thought that was bad. It has nothing on this Corolla.

The AE86 is a legend today, but the whole reason why these cars were beloved was that they offered the basics of a performance car (a willing twin-cam engine up front, rear-wheel drive out back, and not much weight in between) but were so common and cheap that anyone could buy one and learn to thrash the hell out of it. Nobody cared. The whole point of the thing was to be disposable.

And that helps explain why the Corolla obsessives at Juicebox found this particular Corolla resting somewhere inside a bramble in between a shed and a fence in Ireland. For a long, long time, these cars weren’t worth much.


So seeing one as rusty as this, as decomposed, chopped up, neglected, used, abused, it may not be something we’ll see again for a long while. The Hachiroku is quickly descending towards the status of something like a tri-five Chevy. In the not-too-distant future, every AE86 will be either crashed or restored.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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