This is Michelle Reyes, a 30-year-old mother of four from southern New York now facing four felonies for crashing her minivan with her children inside. Reyes told police she had downed a pint of vodka before getting behind the wheel.

Following the crash of Reyes' Ford Windstar in Greenwood Lake, N.Y. on Tuesday, police found that three of her four children, ages 6, 5 and 4, were not in car seats, while an 18-month-old was in the wrong kind of seat. At the police station, Reyes hit 0.27% blood alcohol content, three times New York's limit.

In other states, Reyes might just face normal drunk driving charges. But New York passed a toughened law last year making driving drunk with children a felony, and prosecutors have used it to charge her with four counts, one for each child.

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