This Modular Light Bar System Looks Fun To Install

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There are so many off-road LED companies it’s hard to keep them straight, but I do like the look of Vision X’s Unite modular light bar that lets you snap lights onto a track like Legos.


Lighting outfit Vision X first showed this concept off a long time ago, but a little promotional clip released today turned me on to it. If the picture above didn’t sufficiently explain how it works, you can see what I’m talking about here:

Plenty of lighting systems are “modular.” I mean, even if you just had a steel roof rack bar and bolted old-school lights onto it one at a time, you’d have a modular lighting system.

But I like how Vision X’s toy here gives you snap-together satisfaction and eliminates the need for a lot of wiring. As one light plugs into the next, you could have yourself a very clean installation, which is nice in a place as prominent as over-windshield lighting.

I can’t say how effective Vision X’s little light pods actually are, I’m purely commenting on how simple the mounting and positioning process looks. Vision X, for what it’s worth, has been selling off-road lights for a long time so I’d like to believe it has some idea of what it’s doing.

Seeing as it offers both spot and floodlights for the Unite system, you could build yourself a pretty comprehensive battery of illumination with this if you felt like spending a lot of money.

But if you plan to put any lights over the top of your windshield, remember: You’re going to want to put matte black on your hood if your vehicle’s shiny, lest you blind yourself with glare. And for the love of all that’s holy remember to turn your roof lights off when you get back on the road.

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Andrew Fails

But if I turn them off when on the road, how will everyone know what a serious offroader I am?