This Miniature Hoonitruck is Full-Scale Wild

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Ken Block’s Hoonitruck is a wild creation by anyone’s measure. With narly four-digit horsepower and tire shredding ability unmatched, it’s a mega machine. Alex Saint built a truck that is equally crazy from top to bottom, though at a much smaller scale. Saint decided on a Honda N600 hatchback with the rear lopped off to make it a truck. That wasn’t nearly crazy enough, because Alex then stuffed a 190 horsepower engine out of a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 into the bed.

This ridiculous machine runs 12s in the quarter mile, seemingly traction limited with a 104 mph trap speed. Because it weighs just over 1000 pounds all-in, the car absolutely rips. The 8" wheels look totally rad, as the thing has over 5" of tire sidewall on what must be some kind of ATV tire or something.


The livery is perhaps the most ridiculous thing about this truck, as the whole thing was painted on with hand-made stencils and then clearcoated over. After seeing the original Hoonitruck at SEMA last October, the shop and owner decided to mimic Ken’s truck’s livery, and it absolutely works on this little Honda. If you’re going to have a badass truck, why not make it look like perhaps the most famous badass truck right now.

If this wasn’t wild enough, Alex says he plans to add a turbocharger to the GSX-R motor, looking to get the truck into the 10s with a full cage. That’s my kind of new year’s resolution.


The car world needs a little more levity right now, and this kind of over-the-top project does exactly that. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s probably borderline deadly, and it puts a smile on everybody’s face. Get wild, you might enjoy it.