This Mini 1978 Mazda RX-7 Is Actually A Suzuki Cappuccino Built By Students

Every year at Tokyo Auto Salon, the students of Nihon Automotive College build some pretty crazy customs. And one of the things they seem especially good at is making tiny cars into versions of other cars that weren’t originally so tiny. This year, a Suzuki Cappuccino became a mini Mazda RX-7.


And truthfully, it’s pretty incredible. Much like their Wangan Midnight Datsun Fairlady Devil Z out of a Subaru 360 from last year, the adherence to the RX-7's design language throughout the build is pretty much right on. I’m not entirely sold on the bright lime green paint job, but no one can accuse these students of doing anything quietly.


My favorite part of the whole build wasn’t the car itself, but probably how popular it was with the kids. It really looks like a Japanese muscle car built for children, and the children noticed. It was the perfect proportions for their height, but they might still have a bit of trouble getting into the full sized seats and reaching the pedals.


Now I demand a race between this and the mini-Devil Z. Just.... maybe not on any major Japanese highways.

Correction: As commenters have rightly pointed out this is a 1978 design, not 1988.

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