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This Might Be The Most Desirable Porsche 911 Collection In The World

While we told you before that a hot rod Porsche 964 is the only fast car you’ll ever need, if you have the means to go further, why stop there? eGarage is here to present you the amazing Ingram Collection.


If you’re into Porsche 911s, you have the luxury of picking your favorites from more than fifty years worth of production, with almost countless variants spread across the six and a half generations that crossed those gates in Stuttgart so far.

Robert Ingram and his family put together such an exceptional collection throughout the years that it was time to dedicate a book to their story: Porsche Unexpected is both about the history of the brand and the dos and don’ts of collecting cars.


It’s hard to imagine a better holiday than one that involves driving a 1968 911L rally car, a 1973 RS 2.7, a 1974 RS 3.0, a 1973 STR II done by Mr Walker, a 1968 911R and the first of only twenty 1990 Carrare 4 Lightweights ever made, and then grabbing a glass of wine with the blokes who took them to victory in period.

So, a weekend like this:

I’ll have to find a beater 964, eventually. Too bad I seem to have zero chance for that.


Photo credit: eGarage


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1974 RS 3.0. For some reason it has always been lesser known in my opinion than the 73 RS 2.7. Maybe because the 2.7 was higher volume and slightly more attainable at the time so more people know about it? It’s basically like the 997 GT3 RS and the GT3 RS 4.0 of our time. But damn the RS 3.0 is my favorite Porsche.