Illustration for article titled This Melted, Smoking Pile Was The First Lamborghini Huracan To Crash

Well, now we know the Lamborghini Huracan deserves to hang out with other Italian exotics.


This photo of a melted, smoldering, vaguely car-ish pile comes to us from our friends at Wrecked Exotics, who say it's the first known crash involving Lamborghini's brand new Gallardo replacement. It's the first one I've heard of as well.


The website says the crash happened in Hungary when a Czech Republic-registered car crashed through a barrier and into a ditch. The driver and passenger escaped but were hospitalized for their injuries.

The car, clearly, was not so lucky. Holy crap. That thing will burn and it will burn good.

Photo credit Wrecked Exotics

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