This Man Is The Real-Life 'Road Warrior,' And His Ride Is Amazing

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

This incredible example of post-apocalyptic engineering and badassity was spotted entering Calgary, Canada... but I would've pegged the pilot as a Real American Hero any day. Everything about this setup is freakin' sweet as exclaimed in a Peter Griffin voice.

The guy driving (riding?) this thing probably doesn't know where he's going, but he sure knows where he's been. Bet he's hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday, but you know what? He's made up his mind. He ain't wasting no more time. And godamn it, he's going camping on his own again because his significant other still won't be seen on his maniacal contraption. (Probably).


Motorcycle camping, for many of us, is about overland travel with the bare-minimum of gear and complications. Obviously Mad Max here is not "many of us" and for that I am both confused and in awe of his loadout.

Here's a full-size photo for you to make your wallpaper and/or photoshop a 75% opaque American flag over.

Hat tip to David Rogers for spotting this and snapping an excellent photo!

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