This Man Is On His Way To Save The World

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Look at that picture up there. Let's break down what's going on there: the scene is a blistery, snowy day in brutal winter, somewhere Spokane, Washington.


Among the various snow-encrusted cars in traffic rolls a person on what appears to be a Medline Strider Mini personal mobility scooter. That person is on their way to save the entire planet. We just know it. Here's why.

Just to make things a bit more clear, the scooter in the picture, the one about to get on a highway on-ramp, is capable of going up to 4 mph, with a range of 13 miles. That, of course, is in perfect weather. This image shows that same scooter, open to the elements, with only the most rudimentary of lighting, steering, suspension, or any other vehicular equipment, getting onto the highway in a freaking Washington snowstorm. There don't appear to be chains on the grey, indoor-friendly wheels, either.

There's only one explanation for this: This person was en route to the most important event this world has ever seen. And the only way to get to that event was via that scooter, in that weather, on that highway. There's absolutely no other reasonable explanation for this photograph. This person, this unknown hero, is very likely the reason any of us are reading this at all. Go home, kiss your partner, hug your kids, and get down on your fucking knees and thank anything like a god that this person, this selfless, magnificent uber-human, had what it took to surmount every obstacle to do what needed to be done. Why else would anyone, ever, do anything so profoundly dangerous and stupid?

Unless the poor bastard froze to death four feet outside the nursing home and has been leaning on the throttle for the past 10 miles.

Photo Credit: Bethany Giachetti-Hinnenkamp / Facebook



No I think the whole idea of the article like the one i cited was the juxtaposition of the picture which the writer clearly took as a joke. The similarity of the other article and the way this one looks is strikingly familiar and the other one turns out to be insensitive to someones plight. So when someone sees this and finally tracks the person down and finds out the reason for the situation it could look very bad on you. Because Jason clearly does not think that this person is "probably not the greatest hero to man". He is just being sarcastic. It's probably a person just trying to get by. I wonder if Jason has a similar funny story about a homeless family shelter.