This Man Has The Best Car Collection You've Never Heard Of

Blue Nelson likes to keep things discreet. He doesn't have a presence on the web. But people know where to find him, and his car collection. Only cars with "a fantastic story" are welcome inside, thanks.

The New York Times' T Magazine has a great profile on Nelson, an assistant director in California with a small but eclectic and notable array of cars in His garage. There's the beautiful old Chrysler New Yorker sedan, for one, and a rare 1962 twin-grille Porsche 356 roadster.


He also has a stunning yellow Rometsch, made by a German coachbuilder effectively doomed by the erection of the Berlin Wall. When was the last time you saw one of those running around?

"What I used to enjoy most was going to a car show with a car nobody had," he says. It opens people's eyes to what else is out there.

The best cars are the ones with unique stories behind them. Check out the video below. It's short, but sweet. I want to see more of his garage.


Hat tip to Autoblog!

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