This Man Did 111 MPH 'To Go Have Sex'

When Chicago area police caught a man going 110 in a 45 mph speed zone, they naturally wanted to know why he was going so fast. He was speeding to get laid. Why else?

Cops don't usually get that response when they ask why someone has broken traffic laws, but the apparently very excited 21-year-old Zachary P. Ramirez is an honest lad. He probably figured that blowing a stop sign and a light would result in the favor being returned somehow, if only word wise.


Police stopped his 1994 Honda Prelude on a road wending through a forest preserve, where Ramirez explained that he was speeding to woo a special lady friend, or to to "try to go have sex with a girl he liked," as police told NBC's Chicago affiliate. But police guns and tazers are no cupid's arrows. Ramirez was taken into custody for his traffic violations, as well as for possessing a small amount of marijuana (which in Chicagoland, is still illegal).

Although he was released on $200 bail, there have been no reports on his success with the young lady, or whether or not his new status as an outlaw has made it easier to get into her pants.


Photo credit: Naperville Police Department/NBC Chicago, Prodaksycn/

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