Think you're committed to your car? You've got nothing on Miami restaurant mogul Gino Gargiulo, who loves his Lamborghini Aventador so much he commissioned a speedboat replica that's so outrageous it lives up to its namesake.


Gargiulo calls this yellow sea-beast the Raging Bull. It has taillights, a front end, seats and a steering wheel directly inspired by his $750,000 Aventador LP720-4 Roadster Limited Edition. The boat is 48 feet long, and with power coming from a pair of twin-turbo Mercury Racing 1350 engines, it can do about 186 mph, CNN reported earlier this year.

The Raging Bull cost Garigulo $1.3 million. Worth it? Totally worth it. I mean, if you're rich and you live in Miami, you've gotta have a boat, right? I think it's a city ordinance.

Gargiulo told CNN he's done this before with a Mercedes-inspired boat back in 2007, but has been dreaming of doing this Lamboat for years. He showed his creation off in April at the Miami Boat Show, which I can only imagine is like the nautical version of the Geneva Motor Show.


When you own two toys that ridiculous, the obvious question is this: Which is faster? That's what CNBC sought to answer on the season premiere of Secret Lives of the Super Rich, which airs tomorrow night.


Gargiulo and host Robert Frank have a $1 bet on a supercar vs. superboat race between the two, with Gargiulo in the car and Frank in the boat.

Check out the clip below and tune in tomorrow at 10 p.m. ET to see who wins. My money's on the Lamboat.

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