This Lucky Buyer Just Found A Brand New 2007 Honda S2000

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In case you needed any more evidence that that Land Down Under is a strange and mysterious place, a man was able to purchase a new—yes, brand new—Honda S2000 from a dealership last month.


Honda seems to be back on the path of making some cars that people actually want to drive. The new Civic Type-R looks pretty bonkers and will probably have the performance to match. However, if there is one car that Honda fans would love to come back it’s the S2000. Despite the ongoing rumors the chances of you buying a new one is slim to none—unless you were this one lucky Australian guy.

According to, a single S2000 was spotted in monthly sales figures for Honda Australia. This seemed like a strange anomaly, until the website contacted the sales director for Honda who confirmed that a dealer in New South Wales had recently sold a new 2007 S2000 that it kept as a showroom car.

From the story:

It’s unclear what this person paid (though we’re enquiring) but the fact that the almost decade-old S2000 sale counted in VFACTS for November 2016 means it was un-delivered up to this point, because you can’t legally sell a VIN twice.

In 2008, the MY07-plated 176kW (at a screaming 8300rpm) and 208Nm 2.0-litre atmo S2000 convertible sold for $73,590 plus on-road costs.

Given how S2000 prices are creeping into collector status, the mystery buyer probably wasn’t able to take advantage of any depreciation.

Despite the fact that the steering wheel is on the wrong side, a bone stock, untouched new S2000 is quite a find.



They still have a few brand new FJ Cruisers as well (discontinued in August of this year) fact their website is accidentally kind of a dick about it.