Audi’s A7 Sportback is an attractive, interesting four-door full-size hatchback, a class of car sadly underrepresented here in America ever since everyone decided not to buy Merkur Scorpios. There’s a new version of the hottest variant of the Sportback coming out, the RS7 Sportback, and this seems to be it, testing in Denver.

Unlike its siblings, the Audi S6 and S7, the new RS7 Sportback will retain its V8, which the big dual oval exhausts seem to indicate is under the hood of his camo’d car here.


It’s rumored that the new RS7 will be making an impressive 650 or so horsepower from that V8, up from the 450 HP of previous versions. That’s a lot of horses.

It’s nice to note that the reader who snapped these photos, Skschneier, was well within the speed limits when he took this, as his very clear HUD tells us.


Are those the same wheels as on the A7 Sportback? I don’t recall those as options, but I may be wrong. I like the subtle patterning going on there.

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