This Lego Formula One Car Could Probably Last Longer Than Fernando Alonso’s McLaren-Honda

That headline was mean. I’m mean. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m like this. Maybe someone teased me too much as a child. This video showing how Lego built a life-size replica of a Ferrari Formula One car isn’t even that great, I just wanted a chance to be mean. I’m sorry, again.

But there’s always a little truth in meanness, and the truth is that this F1 car built out of Legos, without an engine, could probably outlast a McLaren-Honda race car with an engine. Honda’s F1 engines just aren’t very good! Somebody had to say it! (They’re getting a little “better,” if you want to call it that.)

Anyway, below is Lego’s newest life-size creation, which does look amazing in the end. It would’ve been cooler to see a longer time-lapse video from a more stable angle, since this one just looks pretty chaotic rather than showing how much truly went into the build.


But if you’re wondering the stats on what went into it, Lego said the builders used 349,911 bricks that ultimately weighed 1,250 pounds. It took 844 hours to develop and 750 hours to actually build, which is nearly 65 full, 24-hour days:

The video looks to be an attempt at selling a mini version of the toy car—mini, as in five inches long—that could also probably outlast a McLaren-Honda on the race track. Sorry, again, that I am this mean. I’ll try to re-channel all of this energy into something nicer and more uplifting next time.

Or maybe the time after that.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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I enjoyed the Honda jokes at first, but at this point, they’re just played out and stale.