This Lamborghini Cabrera Rendering Will Make You Weak In The Knees

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Lamborghini starts teasing the Lamborghini Cabrera. Then, about 12 minutes later, we receive word that it might have leaked out in an Italian magazine. Upon further investigation, it's a render, but damn we hope it looks like this.

The images, which were sent to us by the fine folks over at Zero2Turbo, show the Cabrera sitting in an airport hangar with the words "Pronta Al Decollo" floating above. That of course means "ready for takeoff," if you didn't know.


If this is what the Cabrera looks like, I'll need to get my hands on one immediately.

While it does look rather convincing, the images appear in the "future cars" section of Autoroute, which also shows their vision for a little Fiat Jeep, which they call the Jeepina. It also reinforces why I love the Italian language. On a side note, I took it for six years in school and can now say complicated phrases like "Io sono nel lago" and "ho vinto una competizione di ballare trei anni fa." That's what college does for you.

The video that it appears in also has a female announcer speaking about all the cars, and the way she says 458 Speciale will change your life like it has changed ours.

We'll see the Cabrera — or whatever it's called — at the Geneva show next year.

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My favorite post-Audi Lambo is—and will likely remain—the original 2005 Gallardo. Absolutely perfect in proportion and bereft of unnecessary bells and whistles.

This Cabrera rendering seem like an overcooking and over-seasoning of that original, pure design. It's fussiness evokes a lack of confidence.