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This Lady Who Uses A Hairdryer As A Speed Gun Is An Honor To The Human Race

GIF via the BBC on Facebook

Speeding cars and groups of motorcycles just kept on terrorizing Jean Brooks’ neighborhood: the families, the kids and herself. “Neow, neow, neow,” they would echo as they sped by. It had to stop, she said, to keep the children safe. So, she got her trusty hairdryer and she took up a post at the fence corner.


There isn’t much that can be said to further the quality of Brooks’ interview or fiery cause, especially since she took the microphone herself rather than letting someone else ask the questions. She is, obviously, a very proactive woman.

You’ll just have to watch it for yourself:

How the hell have we all been safe in the world without this woman patrolling our streets? That’s the million-dollar question.


On the inside, Brooks is all of us—cranky, fed up and ready to do something about it. But on the outside, she is much braver than any of us will ever be.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Why do people think that an old lady in a tube top is a law enforcement officer?