Who wants to be a superhero for Halloween when you could be the greatest motoring show host... in the world?

How I plan Halloween is that I always get a random spurt of inspiration like six months before, and then I forget about it until three days before Halloween, where I invariably wear the vest I had when I worked at Walmart.

Well, for just £1.93, you can buy a cut out mask of Jeremy Clarkson. Just think, you can scare children and politicians alike with one mask. It'll also freak you out to see Clarkson without any eyes in his head. Unfortunately, you have to be in England to order this one. There is one for sale on Amazon in America, but it's $10.99.

Some say that the mask is made out of bones from an ancient burial ground, and that the mask will make you instantly better in bed. All we know is, it seems like a great way to beat your friends this Halloween.