This Jeep Owner Vandalized His Own Car In A Dealership Protest

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They do things a little differently in the Middle East. After waiting since April 16th for parts for his Jeep from the dealer, a man in the State of Kuwait spraypainted complaints about the dealership all over his Jeep and parked it right in front of their door. It's a "I will blind my eye if it mars your sight" kind of thing.


Now the dealership is reportedly holding this man's Jeep hostage.

Mstahlekq with the Kuwait Consumer Protection Society told Jalopnik that the Jeep owner, Abdullah Alsayegh "was complaining about how bad the dealership is in Kuwait, it always has a shortage in parts, and everyone agrees. So after 3 weeks of waiting he decided to write what he felt on his car in front of the dealership parking lot."

On his Jeep's hood Abdullah emblazoned: "CAR BAD." The side reads, "NO spare parts." A piece of paper in the car window says:

"Jeep agency in kuwait. * No Spare Parts !! * Bad Service !! * Bad maintenance !! * No spare car !! * No follow up !! * they don't respect their promises !!"

To hide the complain-mobile from other customers, the Al Mulla & Behbehani Motor Co. in Kuwait dealership parked several cars around it and tucked it under a cover. Now apparently the owner can't drive his Jeep home.

Details are sketchy at this point, but Abdullah has promised to give us a full run-down after he talks to the dealership's general manager this week. I called the dealership in Kuwait seeking comment and left a message on the voicemail I was transferred to, and also requested comment via their webform.


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