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This Japanese Mag Lev Train Just Went A World Record 374 MPH

Illustration for article titled This Japanese Mag Lev Train Just Went A World Record 374 MPH

Central Japan Railway’s magnetic levitation bullet train, otherwise known as Chūō Shinkansen has done it again. The new speed record stands at a whopping 374 mph (603 km/h).


After last Thursday’s 366mph run, the Maglev train managed to add another eight mph to its top speed for 10.7 seconds, during which time it covered 1.11 miles. Even with a rolling start, your Hennessey Venom has nothing on this.

According to the plans, these magnetic trains will be operational by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after the first 87 mile section is finished between Tokyo and Kōfu. After that, the service will reach Nagoya by 2027 and Osaka by 2045.

The French inventors of the 357 mph TGV had no comment.

Photo credit: Hisagi Hat tip to Cink!

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That’s fucking awesome.

So now America’s, what, 80 years behind the rest of the world on mass transit like that?