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Back when Ford was puppet master to Jaguar, there were persistent rumors that a Jag SUV based on a Ford platform was coming. So it's not too huge a leap to imagine that someone, somewhere considered the idea of a Jag truck. Well, someone somewhere actually did more than that, since this Jag F-150 exists.


Like most of you, my initial thought, after a nice, exaggerated double-take and one of those look-at-my-drink-and-fling-the-rest-away reactions, was that this had to be a Photoshop. I've seen many and looking at the pixels and all that. It's not. It's real. And, if we're honest, it's pretty well done.

This mating of a S-Type face on an early 2000s F-150 went far more smoothly than you'd guess. Someone put some serious time into this. There's several pictures of it online, spotted by people driving around in whatever non-front-plate-requiring state this thing is in. Sadly, I have yet to see a picture of the back, where I really really hope it has a tailgate with J A G U A R embossed on it.

If anyone knows more about this glorious, terrifying caviar-hauler, please let us know!


(Thanks to all the places that posted these images — Reddit, Coachbuilding and Concepts FB group,, and more.)

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