This Isn't A Good Parking Spot

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The No. 24 BMW M6 GTLM got stuck in pit lane about thirty minutes in to the 24 Hours of Daytona—just not in its own pit stall.


The poor M6 stopped at the entrance to pit lane, in the outer fast lane of travel. Driver John Edwards was stuck in the car that wouldn’t budge. Per the broadcasters, it was stuck in gear as well, making it impossible to just pop into neutral and roll to safety.

Edwards had started to turn in when the car just straight-up died. No reason has been named for the BMW’s sudden death by the BMW Team RLL team, but we’ll update the post when we find out. (Announcer John Hindhaugh mentioned that there’s clearly a gear selection issue at hand.)

The No. 24 has since been moved behind the wall for a lengthier fix.

After a disappointing qualifying where both BMW M6 GTLMs were at the bottom of the GTLM class, this is really not BMW Team RLL’s day.

UPDATE [4:30 p.m. ET]: The No. 24's pit lane woe was thank to a gearbox failure which was fixed behind the wall. Sadly, though, more problems with the No. 24 forced it to retire shortly afterward.


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At least it didn’t combust and get referred to as a Ferrari. A reference they no doubt went back and vetted.