This Is Your Raddest Radwood Philly Gallery of Radness

Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik
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This past Sunday, cars, bikes and trucks of varying degrees of radness descended upon the Philadelphia Navy Yard for the inaugural Radwood Philadelphia event. It kicked ass.

The weather wasn’t the best, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone who turned up. Walking through the wonderful Delicas, Sciroccos, Supras and RX-7s, it really drives home that most automakers don’t paint their cars fun colors anymore. We live in a modern sea of beige, silver, gray, white and black and these bright teals and fuchsias were a welcomed relief.

Of course the Alfa Romeo was leaking green fluids, of course Subaru showed up with the raddest sets of wheels, of course someone brought a Dark Universe DeLorean, and of course there’s plenty of love for a super clean E36.

The Radwood organizers outdid themselves this time around. The food was excellent (did you try that ramen?) and so was the music. People came dressed up and so did their dogs.

And! If you want a gallery of the awesome little details at Radwood Philly, be sure to check out this album from our very own Victor Jeffreys.

We tried to circulate and capture as much of the action as we could. We were told nearly 600 cars showed up, which was overwhelming in the best way possible. There were no Lamborghinis though! Which was both disappointing and probably a blessing.

Have a look, and be ready for next time because you can be sure there will a next time.