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Bam Margera, skateboarder, musician, professional prankster and Jackass star, has drawn the ire of authorities in Iceland after his rented Toyota Land Cruiser came back wrecked, dented and covered in paint. This is what happens when you rent cars to people on Jackass.


Gossip website TMZ reports that Margera was arrested when he touched down in Iceland this week in connection with a Land Cruiser he allegedly trashed when he was in the country last year. He brought the luxury SUV back to Hertz with dents, rear damage, and oil paint coating the interior. Then he left the country without paying for the damage.

So when Margera returned to Iceland this week, he was arrested at the airport but released when he paid the fees. Of course, a possibly-still-shithammered Margera explained to TV reporters the comedy of errors that led to the Land Crusier's condition.

"Somebody backed into it and then hit and ran, so that was one thing. Then I kicked the door in because I was fucked up one night ... and then there was a scratch over there that they had to replace the whole panel for..."

"The back got hit, and then there was … I've been painting, like, with oil paints, so oil paints get everywhere, so there was like blue paint all over the inside of the car."


Hey, shit happens when you're Bam Margera. If you ask me, Hertz was asking for trouble when they rented the car to this guy. Haven't they seen his movies?

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