An auto journalist on a drive through San Francisco yesterday morning happened to come across the above Porsche 911 right after it plowed into a patch of fresh, wet cement. Yes, this is why people think Porsche 911 drivers are asshats.

Here's what our tipster had to say:

Saw this while in San Francisco Thursday morning on car business — too bad I couldn't have gotten a better shot, but I was test-driving a new model (can't say which) in traffic with no place to pull over.

Apparently a Porsche 911 driver with more money than brains plowed into a pit of fresh cement where they were repaving the road along the coast. Just before this the workers were frantically trying to shovel out the cement before it set any further. No obvious sighting of the owner, however.

How much you wanna bet she/he was on the phone at the time?

I'm assuming that's the owner sitting in the driver's seat.


Over on the left we've got another shot of the scene that's blowing up on Facebook right now.

(Photo Credit: Jalopnik; Jim Santos / Facebook)

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