This Is Why You Don't Do A Stoplight Burnout When No Cops Are Around

...because there may well be some cops around, you just can't see 'em.


That's what happened to this idiot Holden ute driver, as the Western Australia Police explained on their Facebook page a few hours ago.

See the smoke coming from behind the red traffic light?

That smoke was the product of a burn-out allegedly performed by the driver of a Holden Commodore utility that was stopped at the traffic lights at Beeliar Drive and Stock Road about 6.45pm on October 8.

There were two cars stopped in front of this utility. It's a busy intersection and the potential for catastrophe had the driver lost control of the utility was high.

The 23-year-old driver probably had no idea two of our motorcycle officers were stopped on the opposite side of the intersection. Those officers impounded the utility and charged the driver with reckless driving and excess 0.08 – it will be alleged his blood alcohol reading was more than double the legal limit.

There's always a strong temptation to light up the tires in something powerful and rear-wheel drive. This is why you resist that urge when other people are nearby.

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