The 2015 M4 is a car BMW can't afford to screw up. The good news is that the new car not only looks fantastic, but according to the numbers, should be damn fast too. Just how we like it.

The most important thing of course is that you can have it with a manual transmission. Yesterday, we also told you that compared to the V8-powered predecessor, the new M4/M3 sedan will have 9 extra horsepower from the 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged straight six, which is a very different beast compared to the engine you find in a 335i. It's proper M stuff with a lightweight block with low-friction cylinder coating, and it revs to 7,500 rpm. But the best news is the torque.

If you look at the infographic above, you can see that the two tiny turbochargers reward us with 73 extra ft-lb over the V8 at 369, available from 1800 rpm through to 5700 rpm, with the 423 horses doing their best between 5500 rpm and about 7200 rpm. It will pull like a locomotive. A light one.

The carbon fiber drive shaft, roof, roof bow and front end strut brace, the aluminum bonnet and a bootlid that uses SMC plastic over a carbon frame plus the magnesium oil sump makes the new car 176 pounds lighter than the E92 M3. For the first time, you can also opt for carbon-ceramic brakes.

I love it already.