This Is Why People Think BMW Drivers Are Asshats

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A BMW 550i at a Whole Foods is not an uncommon sight. Parking in the "Electric Vehicle Parking" space with your gasoline-powered car? Hilarious. But also instant asshat status. (Hat tip to Max!)


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One of the local grocery stores has "Hybrid Vehicles Only" parking. I make a point of parking my black 2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport in those spots every chance I get. (I only take one at a time since I'm not a total asshat. I'm only a partial one.)

And if anyone ever challenges me on it, I'll simply tell them it's an experimental prototype (only weirdos like me know what year a Panther is at a glance) and I can't show them under the hood by contract, and that it gets 60 MPG and is being designed for taxi service.

And it's not really much of a lie. My car is a very mild hybrid. It uses a battery to power the engine as it starts. And I like to switch up putting in 87 and 89 octane fuel. That's two types right there!

Like others, aside from the mandatory handicapped parking, I'm opposed to special parking spaces. Most are silly and only create resentment where none is needed.

For the record, my car also fits into a surprising number of "compact only" spaces. If it fits in the space my car must be compact, no?