This Is Why One Goes All The Way Up To Scotland

Empty roads, stunning scenery and a drive in the most appropriate car of them all: An Aston Martin N430. On days like these, I wish I stayed in the UK.


Evo's resident tall bloke Henry Catchpole is here to tell you why Scotland's Old Military Road is probably the best place to drive the more focused but still very livable Aston Martin N430. The Queen comes up there all the time... probably for the same reason.

I mean, where else can you blast through a national park on a variety of roads without any interruption apart from some sheep and deer you have to watch out for? What other place is so accessible yet beautiful enough to make you stop repeatedly to get out of your supercar just to give the view a moment to soak in?

These roads from the nineteenth century have the tarmac, the length, the width, the curves, the straights and the cold air that makes your engine come alive. They are simply perfect.

So next time around, don't stop in London. Drive through Wales all the way up to the Scottish Highlands. Taking a selfie at the top is optional.

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ooh! I'll be there in July. Where does one rent an Aston Martin?