Surprise! Now your face is dinged up.


Driving your car up onto a bridge meant entirely for pedestrians and bicycles is definitely not recommended by anyone, anywhere, ever, and it's almost certainly not legal as well.

So you can imagine the shock when this poor bicyclist ended up smashing into a random passing Ford while riding across one.


Kelley Howell, the Youtube user who posted this video, wrote in the description that incredibly the driver of the Ford Escape hasn't been charged with anything yet:

I was hit by a motorist who was likely illegally using the Berkley pedestrian bridge. Norfolk Police Department maintains that my report can't be acted on in spite of video evidence, the motorist's license, and insurance identification. The motorist left the scene after providing the information.

As much as we all hate each other (bicyclists and drivers, not humanity), we share the same road, and very very occasionally, the same pedestrian walkway where cars should definitely not be. So remember to watch out for your fellow person.

UPDATE: The driver of the Ford Escape involved in the incident was a Virginia Department of Transportation worker, according to the local ABC affiliate, and has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.


Oddly enough, the statement provided by the Virginia DOT says that the pedestrian walkway is regularly used by employees to and from work, and that there are signs warning pedestrians and bicycles that there is a chance they will get hit by a car on a walkway meant only for pedestrians and bicycles, as if that makes it all somehow acceptable.

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