Hope you're gained some kind of acceptance for the way the Volkswagen Passat looks right now, because the one we get in the U.S. is probably going to be sticking around for a few more years. On other continents, the Passat is ready for a redo and these are the first sketches of the new car. Damn, it looks OK.


Straightaway, the front of the this Passat looks unusually aggressive, like it was originally destined for a Golf R or something. No complaints, it looks hot. It's scheduled to move to the MQB platform that's already under the 2015 VW Golf. That's probably going to make it lighter and a touch more spacious. So, better.

Autocar reports the next European Passat will be shown this fall at the Paris Motor Show for an on-sale date of early next year. Considering the current not-for-U.S. Passat is already packed with stuff like self-park assist and other gizmos we don't get in the car from Chattanooga, so it'll be interesting to see what new tech is in store that we can gaze at longingly.


The magazine also reports of a plug-in hybrid and a 4Motion high-performance diesel variant. Bet it comes as a wagon, too. Yeah, well... maybe our Passat will get some new LEDs next year.


Photos: VW

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