Good. Lord. 218MPH is fast, like super fast, like suck-the-teeth-out-the-back-of-your-head super fast. And that's world-record setting speed the Lightning Motorcycle SuperBike just pulled off at the Bonneville Salt Flats last week. Why should you care? Because you can now own one.

The Lightning Motorcycle SuperBike is the the fastest production motorcycle—internal combustion or otherwise—for sale in North America and the fastest electric bike in its class worldwide. It blew the doors off of the previous record by more than 40mph, also held by Lightning Motorcycles. It features a Remy HVH250 electric propulsion motor, an Ener1 battery pack (reputedly good for 100+ freeway miles) and a range of 150 miles.

For reference, 218 MPH is approximately triple—triple—the speed limit in most parts of the USA. Plus, electric motors have this awesome ability to provide 100 percent of the available torque the second you hit the throttle—more power off the line, higher top speed. I'll take five.


You'll have to put down a pretty penny to ride this pony, however. Its $40,000 price tag is triple the $13,700 you'd pay for a 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa.

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