This Is What Porsches Do To Your Brain

Mr. Regular of Regular Car Reviews swung by Fabspeed and saw several good Porsches, including a 993 911 RSR clone, a Boxster Spyder and a Cayman GT4. It’s a fantastically weird video, but he somehow captured the reaction we’d all have to a great car if we had zero shame. Ohhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Yessssss.

Fabspeed works on high-end exotics, and their selection of Porsches is particularly impressive. Mr. Regular speaks for us all when he viscerally reacts to the mechanical clunk made by using the pristine 1994 911's shifter, and the perfect, shiny grey door waving shut in front of him.


Look at that face, and you see a man who has experienced true joy in car form.

We are all Mr. Regular, even if we restrain ourselves from expressing ourselves in crazy faces and mischievous grins when sitting in the car.

Mr. Regular may ask if I’m jealous throughout this video, but I can feel his wonderment every time he stares at another good Porsche. He knows these are good cars. He knows.

We all know.

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