Check Out The Guts That Make A Trophy Truck So Good At Jumps And Donuts

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BJ Baldwin will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speed two weeks from now with his Baja 1000 winner Monster Chevy Silverado trophy truck. Let’s have a look at it, shall we?


It’s crazy how much engineering is needed for those massive jumps and deep dives into sand!

Baldwin’s “Chevrolet Silverado” is actually a fully built silhouette race truck powered by a 485 cubic inch fuel-injected V8 producing about 800 horsepower and almost as much torque in order to move those wheels, weighing 135 pounds each.

A lot of chrome alloy goes into the suspension too, which has to keep the truck together for up to twenty hours in case the race is called the Baja 1000. Other than that, the setup is tuned towards more traction and as much suspension travel as possible.

Now, imagine this in front of Lord March’s mansion:

Burnouts. Lots of burnouts. And donuts. Also, a lot. Smoke. Infinite.


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Goodwood is seriously on my bucket list.