All screenshots: Auto Addiction/YouTube

The one time I participated in an open track day, I noticed that most of the people there rolled up in stripped out Miatas and S2000s. These are great cars and utterly capable track-day toys, but I did find myself wanting to see some more variety. As always, the Nürburgring is here to answer my prayers.

A recently uploaded Nürburgring track day video focuses on “crash and highlights,” but I don’t actually need to see the cars do anything other than drive, simply because of the sheer variety. Look!

There’s a pink (?) Porsche Cayman.

A Lotus.


This blueberry boy.



A neon Volkswagen van.

Some very good Lexuses. Lexi?


This Jeep.

And many others. Also, I won’t screenshot it for you here, but there was a royal purple Fiat Multipla with some guy mooning the crowd from the back window. Quality stuff.


My point is this is what makes the Nürburgring so great. This track day seemed like a genuinely fun day where people brought their cars out to enjoy them in the sun and to the cheers of a gathered audience.

Cars should be enjoyed by everyone! If you can’t drive then, then you should at least be able to look at them and listen to them.