This Is What James May Is Doing Now That He's Funemployed

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson was fired from Top Gear, fellow co-host James May has been a bit vague about what his future plans are. Apparently, they now include playing little tunes on his recorder. And it is hilarious and amazing.

The video was posted today on a Youtube account under the name “JM’s unemployment tube,” and it’s just James sitting in front of what appears to be a crappy webcam, playing an old folk song entitled The British Grenadiers. It was an unlisted link, and clicking through to see more videos doesn’t make anything pop up, though there could be more delights waiting inside.

We just don’t know yet. May has a degree in music, however, and he’s quite known for his harpsichord playing, so this might not be the last we’ve heard.


When the news first dropped that Clarkson’s contract wouldn’t be renewed, May was heard saying he’d have to make some “careful decisions,” and everyone thought it meant whether or not he would be continuing on whatever new version of Top Gear we get next. But first, he hinted at a bit of music bubbling up inside him:

And then, he dropped the true meaning of his decisions upon us. It was simply, beautifully, which song to play first:


It looks like more British folk songs are coming, so consider yourselves warned.


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Michael Ballaban

What I love about James, and really all of the presenters, was that they came across as just regular people who happened to be on a massive TV show. And now that the TV show is gone, they’re still just regular, entirely relatable people.

That was the huge appeal, and really the appeal of much of British television.

One day, maybe, hopefully, someday, American TV executives will get that.