This Is What It's Like to Take Delivery of a Lamborghini Huracán

YouTuber Lambo Lapdog, who describes himself on his Facebook page as a “self-made entrepreneur,” took delivery of a Lamborghini Huracán in November last year. It was about as dramatic as you would want.

Mr. Lapdog said that the Huracán was shipped to him in Windsor, Ontario, from Vancouver.


“The best part of the entire delivery was when they fired it up and because of the cold weather and it being dark outside the taillights lit up the exhaust and looked amazing coming off the truck,” he wrote in the YouTube video’s description.

Mr. Lapdog has since also purchased an Aventador Roadster and an Aventador SV. He also filmed the delivery of the latter car, though it was far less dramatic than that of the Huracán—his first supercar.

He got the Aventador SV in May.

Supercar deliveries should be directly to your front door, of course, for the money you are shelling out, though it’s always fun to see them as they actually happen. Someone just shows up in a truck someday and, boom, now you’re in possession of a $200,000 supercar.

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