This Is What It's Like To Run With The Real Spies Of Detroit

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Detroit is crawling with spies. Not necessarily the secret-listening-device and the silenced-weapon-type. But you’ve seen their work before. They’re automotive spy photographers, and we got to ride along with them as they shot the hottest prototypes around.

You’ve seen the work of Brian Williams and Jim Dunne around here for a long time, and that means they’ve seen everything. And I mean everything. Ranger Raptors, Jeeps, even presidential limousines. They’ve even been attacked in the process.

Tonight on Car vs. America – which, despite our best efforts, is somehow still going – you’re going to see all about how that sausage is made.

But that’s not all we did in Detroit. We hung out with Jalopnik’s own Erin Marquis and former Jalop and current Chief Storyteller of Detroit, Aaron Foley, to get the lowdown on how the city is doing today. We stopped by Munro & Associates, the specialized engineering and lab facility that takes cars apart to figure out what makes them tick. (And yes, they were actually in the process of tearing cars apart while we were there.)


And we went drag racing in a Shelby Mustang GT350R, with its screaming flat-plane crank V8, in an ultimate test of man versus machine. Raph, with every possible computer switched off, versus me, using all of the wonderful electronic goodies and doo-dads that God and Her engineers have deigned to bestow upon us.

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I’ve driven some of the cars these spies have been looking at. That camo makes you stick worse than a sore thumb.