This weekend's season-concluding Wales Rally GB could have been called Overdriving: The WRC Event. Here's what happened when one driver pressed a little bit too hard.

You're watching Kris Meeke (you remember him from Top Gear, probably) desperately trying to move himself up past Mikko Hirvonen, only a few seconds ahead of him in the standings.


Meeke did not move past Mikko.

Acutally, Meeke was faster on this stage than Hirvonen by a couple seconds, but the damage to his car in this into-the-ditch excursion slowed him down significantly thereafter.


This copy of the WRC's broadcast dubs over Meeke's in-car dialogue, but the TV broadcast gave him a healthy expletive deleted bleep on that second impact.


When he crossed the finish line for that stage, Meeke stated, "I think I picked up some grass on the right front."

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