This Is What It Looks Like When A 1750 Horsepower GT-R Spins At 200 MPH

gif: TalonTSi97 Videos/YouTube

Last week, a heavily-modified Nissan GT-R spun off an airport runway in Pennsylvania doing 218 mph. Just watch the poor driver hold onto the wheel, as physics makes his steering and pedal inputs all but useless.

The GT-R in the video, called the “Switzer Goliath X,” was piloted by Team Insanity Racing’s Meidan Kleitman last week when, according to the YouTube description, an aftermarket camber arm failed and sent the car spinning at over 200 mph. Here’s the resulting crash:


The wreck occurred at a 1/2 Mile drag event last week at an airport in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania. Team Insanity says on its Facebook page that the driver was fine, and the car—which actually makes 1,750 horsepower at the wheels—only sustained minor damage.

The recorded speed during the run was only 218 MPH, but Insanity says that’s not good enough, so they’re going to fix her up and try to hit 225.

And I think it’s safe to say they’re going to hit that mark, because if a 200 mph spinout— especially one that comes so close to rolling the car— doesn’t deter them, there’s a good chance nothing will.

h/t: Car Scoops

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