That used to be an Audi R8. It’s not a render. It’s real. I’ll let that thought swirl around in your mind-brain a bit. Are you ready to proceed?

This is called the R200 Non-Fiction. It’s what happens when you transform an R8 into a Skoda. Specifically, a tribute to a certain Skoda in particular, the 130 RS, a famous rear-engined rally car from the 1970s.

This guy, right here.

Our pals over at Carscoops report that it was designed by Czech enthusiasts to celebrate the 130 RS’ 40th birthday. It was also built by Metal Hoffmann, a shop that works with several automakers, which explains why the quality looks so good. The car will be super-low production, which helps explain its nearly $300,000 price tag.


The quality’s there, but what about the looks? I... can’t say I’m sold on those. The R8, a car I find to be very beautiful, is an odd choice to replicate a rear-engined coupe that wasn’t especially great-looking in its time.

I don’t hate the side vents on the R200 Non-Fiction, or the rear third of it, but that nose really throws me off. It’s flat and ungainly and pretty awkward. This does not have the elegance of the R8, but if it’s what you want and you can pay for it, then God Bless. It’s all a bit much to me.

At least it keeps the R8’s gated manual. That’s always good.



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