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This Is What Happens When You Teach A $300 Ford Aerostar To Fly

Ever been tempted to get your buddies together, split the cost of buying an insanely cheap car, beat said car to death in a parking lot, and then put the whole ordeal on YouTube? Of course you have. Hell, some of you jokers have probably even done it.


But if you haven't, feel free to use this group of Indiana friends as an example. They split a $300 1993 Ford Aerostar — dubbed "Frank the Tank" — with the supposed intention of taking it on a road trip, but they ended up just hooning it to death in a parking lot.

We learned a few weeks ago about the Aerostar's Space Shuttle-like aerodynamics. These gentlemen put that design to the test by making the van go airborne in a few fairly epic jumps. There are even some great examples of "flying face" involved.

Illustration for article titled This Is What Happens When You Teach A $300 Ford Aerostar To Fly

Unfortunately, the adventure ends with the Aerostar's doors hanging off. She's a tough old bird, but she can only take so much.

Hat tip to Alex Nunez!

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My parents bought an '89. I remember driving some highway in Tennessee when I was 5, there were no exits and no shoulder, so I had to drop trou and deficate through the rear sliding window.

Also, I at one point hid hard boiled easter eggs around the house, and forgot a couple in the van cupholder.... My mom started numbering them with a sharpie after that one.