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​This Is What Happens When You Let Your Mechanic Friend Fix Your Car

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This guy needed some work done on his old diesel VW, so he took it to his friend's shop. When he came back, he found a little surprise.

Yep, his buddy had welded on a tractor-style exhaust stack, complete with a flapper.


This popped up on Reddit's fantastic r/Justrolledintotheshop, which you should already know is probably the best subreddit there is. User carmeat posted a picture of his new shakotan-style exhaust with the headline "Picked up my car from my buddy's shop this morning and found this installed..."


Carmeat quickly explained that yes, the exhaust was welded on when he got there. Also, the shop didn't charge him for the repair at all, as he explained in this exchange.

Rolling_Go: Your reaction?

carmeat: They didn't charge me for the repair that I brought it there for, so yes, exactly.

Basically, this guy has the best mechanic friend there is.

He went on to explain that he's not terribly worried about the exhaust now blowing back into the cabin and while, yes, the exhaust is a conversation starter, that's not why he likes it so much.


And here's video of the car running. Dig that sweet tractor flap action.

It's a 1990 with 420,000km on the clock and it gets "5.6L/ 100km in the summer. It equates to about 44~ish American MPG," as he says here.


I suppose this is a lesson to us all — if your friend is a mechanic and has a bit of a streak for pranks, don't drop off your car with him unless you're ready for something like this.

(Hat tip to ThisnThat!)

Photo Credit: Reddit/carmeat