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This Is What Happens When A Driver Banned For Using Meth Confronts NASCAR's CEO

Illustration for article titled This Is What Happens When A Driver Banned For Using Meth Confronts NASCARs CEO

NASCAR CEO Brian France was on Motor Racing Network's "NASCAR Live" last night and he was taking phone calls. One of those calls was from a man named Jeremy Mayfield.


For those that don't know, Mayfield was banned from NASCAR competition in May 2009 after he tested positive for methamphetamine during a drug test. Even though he ardently denied drug use, he was banned immediately and litigation to get him reinstated never worked. He was also caught with meth and 50 guns in 2011.



So you'd expect that the tone of Mayfield's phone call would be somewhat contentious. Not at all! Mayfield just wanted to know how he could get back to racing.

The thing is, NASCAR has one solitary way to get back to competition after a ban for drug use. It's called the Road to Recovery and it's what recent drug test fail-er AJ Allmendinger did to get back behind the wheel. Mayfield knows this and has known this since the day he was banned.


France, who did know Mayfield was calling and said he'd take the call, sounded like the consumate profesional and just informed Mayfield that was all he had to do.

And that was it. No yelling. No meth-addled rage. No swearing. Just a calm phone call to find out something that he's known for years. Mayfield is sure one odd duck.


Listen to the full phone call here:

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Just wear your damn mask...

Meth head or not, this is still one of the greatest NASCAR related commercials ever, if not one of the best Dodge commercials ever, for two words.

"Hey Jeremy!"