This Is What Happened To Bubb Rubb And His Whistle Tips

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Oh Bubb Rubb and your tips of whistling glory. You were one of the first viral videos I ever saw and still among the funniest. But what happened to you? Thankfully, web avenger Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 caught up with Señor Rubb.


For those who missed the original, it was one of those local news pieces about a trend designed to scare white people. In this case, the "whistle tip" exhaust tips that never really caught on anywhere but Oakland very briefly.

The star of the video was "whistle tip" enthusiast Bubb Rubb and his obnoxious Toyota Supra. If his version of the whistle's sound — a sonorous "woo-woo" — were close to the actual sound then we'd maybe oblige its arrival as we were getting up for making breakfast or something. Sadly, it was more of a whine than a whistle.

Rubb appears in good shape and typically good spirits, but what the hell happened to Lil' Sis?

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(Hat tip to everyone!)


Matt Hardigree

I'm trying to think of a "viral video" I might have seen before Bubb Rubb. What was your first viral video?